Monday, June 23, 2008

earl grey leads me to post funny pics

How, you might ask?  Being that I am at my most alert and dexterous on Monday mornings (esp after a crazy weekend ending with a sweet Piles show last night) it's no surprise that for my first trick this morning I spilled about 2 tablespoons of hot Earl Grey tea into my G5 keyboard.  Long story short, my computer pretty much had a stroke (caps lock only, behaving as if I was holding down option at all times...finally freezing and opening in safe mode only) and I had to replace my keyboard (duh).

After the catastrophe, when I was checking around on my computer to make sure all files were still intact, I came across a few images that I had saved as tshirt inspiration, that really made me laugh...

Okay that's all for now...I promise to blog more often!  We've been really busy getting ready for the Make Shop Rock Show which is coming soon to a Pittsburgh near you, plus buying a house (ahhh!) so I still haven't gotten into the hang of posting regularly...but I'm trying!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


There's been so much that I've wanted to blog about lately, but I'm afraid I've been terribly lazy this week. After three insane weeks of getting ready for the ArtStar Craft Bazaar, attending it, gearing up for a show with my band Mane, and dealing with a really busy time at my 9-5 at MIT (commencement, yikes!) I decided that I'd go on strike this week, and do nothing. Unfortunately it has worked, and most of my time has gone to lounging in what we've dubbed 'the sanctuary' (our bedroom with a/c) finally reading Atonement by Ian McEwan, drinking wine and lemonade at intervals, and going to bed early.

But I'm all for being productive tonight, so I thought I'd post some pics from ArtStar, which took place in Philly the first weekend in June. It was a great event for FDF1, and we had a blast hanging out with our good friends Raymond and Minette of Ray-Min Shoulderware. If you've never heard of them you should check them out-- I promise to blog more about them later, but they create and sell the lovliest handmade purses, totes, clutches, name it. Very sweet, talented kids.
So here are those pictures...

The Bazaar was at beautiful Penn's Landing, right on the river. It was great to interact with all the cool, friendly market goers...Philly is definitely a very hip city, overflowing with amazing tattoos and a great sense of style. I saw more than one outfit I would have liked to take home.

It wasn't all selling at the market though...I also did some buying, which was lots of fun. I picked up a great hand printed shirt for a friend's baby boy from 1 Girl 1 Boy (I got the one with the grasshopper!), some beautiful green ceramic earrings the likes of which I've never seen from Olaria Studio (from Boston!) and some fun, yummy smelling handmade lotions, lip balms and soap from Bunnybutt Apothecary.

Aside from some severe weather warnings, a few showers and the imminent threat of our tents blowing away, it was an awesome weekend. Big sellers for us included our Lil' Lobster tee and our new Kittens Insanity tees, which are one of a kind.

Whew, this is getting long, and I've got burritos calling my name from down the street, so I'll end here for tonight, with a couple of pictures from the Mane show last weekend...our drummer Paul is wearing an old school FDF1 tee!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

new pieces kids!

I just finished laying out a bunch o' images in photoshop. Beth's gonna get'em up on the site real soon, so watch out for the latest in FDF1 t-shirt technologies.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


We at Family Dinner for One, purveyors of fine t-shirts, have decided to start a blog. I know, exciting isn't it? We've been meaning to for a while, but with our 101 other activities it's been hard to find time. But today is the day.

So who are we, and why should you read our blog? In less than 100 words, we're Family Dinner for One, sometimes known as Beth and Seth. We hand silk screen and design t-shirts in the Boston area. Here they are:
So a lot of this blog will probably relate, at least loosely, to that. But we'll probably write about a lot of other stuff too...which is why you should read our blog. I suspect that you'll never know what you might find here....I don't even know now, as I write this! All I know is that from day to day, both of us come across awesome things that inspire us, excite us, things that confuse us, enrage us, dazzle us, sicken get the idea. So now we have a place to write about it.